Study Reveals How Merkel Cell Carcinoma Eludes Immunotherapy

Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have discovered a source of tumor recurrence in patients with Merkel cell carcinoma who initially show response to immunotherapy treatments. Around 20% of patients with Merkel cell carcinoma experience relapse and subsequent resistance to T-cell therapy. The cause of this relapse remained unknown until the Immunotherapy Integrated Research Center at Fred Hutch more closely examined the molecular changes. Two patients with Merkel cell carc...
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Metastatic Merkel Cell Carcinoma: Treatment Challenges and Best Practices With Paul Nghiem, MD, PhD

Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) is a rare and aggressive neuroendocrine tumor of unknown origin that typically presents in older white and immunocompromised adults. An estimated 1,500 cases are diagnosed in the United States annually. The rapid rise of MCC incidence during the past few decades has been attributed in part to people living longer with increased sun exposure and weakened immune systems, a feature that suggests an infectious origin and warrants further research. Treatment standards are ...
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